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Pakistan Leaks - Funny, Romantic, Friendship SMS and Jokes
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Wishes SMS

Ability of a person is not how he has planned. But how he stands & faces the challenges of life when everything he planned has gone wrong.
When the time is never ready to wait for us, then why should we always wait for d right time.? No time is wrong to do the right thing.
When Nails are Grown We Cut Nails, NOT FINGERS. Similarly When Our Mis-Understandings are Raising We Should Cut Ego NOT Relations.

If everyone is happy with you, surely you've made many compromises in your life. If you are happy with everyone, surely you've ignored many faults of others.

Bees That Have Honey In Their Mouth, Have Stings In Their Tails. So Be Careful From People, Who Pretend To Be Sweet.
If the first button of shirt is wrongly put All the rest are surely crooked So always be careful at the first step and all the rest will be correct..!

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