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Pakistan Leaks - Funny, Romantic, Friendship SMS and Jokes
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Funny SMS

Wo Shakhs Jannatti Hoga..

Jo Jannat mein jaye ga!


Tusi beshak kisay Molvi kolon puch lo....:p

Plz Pora parhna:
"MAA" k Liay he?
Ik khubsurat rishty ka naam,
Maa k dam se hi kainat me rang he.
ye maa hi hai jo apne bachon ko subha uthati hai
aur kehti he k!

Uth jao begherto 11 baj rahy hain,
kutto ki tarha pary soty rehty ho
Tumhary BAP
ki nokrani nahi hon,
jo tum sub ko alag alag nashta bana kar dongi.
Zindagi haram kar rakhi he
tum logo ne,
Kam k na kaj k dushman anaaj k

SORRY yaro..!
Aaj maa ghussy Main Hai....!:p;)

Bacha: Abu plz mje 5 Rupees dedo.
Baap: Beta mre pas to khule nhi hy
tu apni ammi se
Bacha: Ami plz mje 5rp dedo.. Ammii: Beta mre pas to khule nhi hy
tu apne mamu
se lele
Bacha: Mamu plz mje 5rupy dedo
Mamu: Beta mre pas to khule nhi hy tu apni mami
se lele
Bcha: Mami plz mje 5rp dedo
Mami: Beta mre pas to khule nhi hy
tu apne chacha se lele .
Bcha: Chacha 5rp hy?
Chacha: Ha hy beta du kya?
Bcha: Nhi apni kabar me lay jana
icecream wala chala gya ab :-P

Mental Hospital mei nya admit honay wala ek pagal rota hua ek puranay pagal k paas aya.

Purana pagal: Tu ro kyun rha hei?

Nya Pagal: Sub log mjhe Pagal keh rhe hein or mei pagal nhi hu :/

Purana Pagal: Wo sub pagal hein or chirtay hein tere se. Mjhe bhi ese e kehtey hein ic lye mei tou dhayan e nhi deta in logo ki bato pr.

Nya Pagal: Tou kia krun mei in logo ki booton ka???

Puarana Pagal: Tu chhor un logo ki batein. Garmi boht ho gayi hei, Ye le Tamatar or ja Shikanjbee Bna k la dono mil k pyen gey ;)

I advise you, don't mess with me,
I know karate, kung fu,judo, tae kwon do, jujitsu,
and 28 other dangerous words.

The time since I have met u, i have realized that a friend like you is worth million dollars... So, if u dont mind...... Can I sell you?
What is similar between students preparing for exams and aamir in movie Ghajini? Both Cant Remember Anything After Fifteen Minutes.

Boy Did The Mistake, Girl Shoutd At Him,
Boy Said, Sorry
Girl Did The Mistake, Boy Shoutd At Her,
Girl Start Cryng,
Boy Said Sorry

Boy secretly opens girlfrnd's mobile.
By what name has she saved his number?
friend or darling?
he fell down in shock after seeing the name.
I saw it with my eyes but couldn't understand it...
took it in my hand but couldn't understand it..!
Thought for a long time but didn't understand it..
It is not a dream..
It is not love..
It is not even friendship..
It was
"The Question Paper"
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